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Software solutions for flexible and mobile employees

The world of work has changed over the past decade, rapidly and significantly, with employees no longer tied to a desk. Thanks to software innovations such as Xerox software solutions, productivity isn’t hampered by dependence on office resources, enabling employees to be productive while on the move, or from home.

Software solutions to boost productivity and enhance work life

This has boosted both productivity and work-lifestyle in many respects, encouraging the development of a wide range of software solutions for employees who value their ability to be flexible and mobile, without compromising any aspect of their job.

Both employees and employers are always on the lookout for the next solution to make every process easier, quicker, more convenient and more mobile, all while ensuring that their data, input and output and transfer, is never vulnerable to being compromised. This ‘next solution’ is software that manages the processes the software makes possible – further streamlining operations ‘on-the-move’.

On-the-go-software for businesses on the move

Employees’ ability to access and send business information from home or while commuting is essential for any business to maintain competitiveness. Almost every market is in a constant state of flux, and if they are all ‘on-the-move’, then you need to be to too – or you’ll be left behind. Xerox software fulfills an essential role in this streamlining process.

On-the-go and remote access scanning and printing

Xerox print management software solutions enable employees to print out documents where-ever they are – on the way to a meeting, at the meeting, or at home. Documentation can be updated in real-time, ready for a client or transmitted back to head office from anywhere.

Mobile document scanning

Xerox has developed an award-winning mobile scanner. Small and USB- powered, it can be carried easily in a bag or briefcase. Documents can be scanned, converted and shared with the office or other remote employees, and clients – from anywhere.

To find out more about ‘mobile’ Xerox printing software solutions for businesses that rely on employee mobility and collaboration from a variety of locations, contact the Bytes Solutions team today.