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Technical Offerings

Our range of flexible outsourced solutions create value for our clients and touch millions of lives everyday.

We strive to provide our clients with peace of mind by handling non-core, yet specialised functions from learning & development solutions, customer experience solutions, outbound sales drives or implementing the enabling technology to support these solutions.

Proactive MPS Monitoring

Provides a single point of contact to end users for proactive consumables \ break-fix monitoring and supplies replenishment.

Reactive Client Contact Centre

Reactive Client Contact Centre

Provides a single point of contact to non-MPS customers for the handling and logging of calls for incidents and requests reported via phone and email.

Technical Remote Support

Responsible for technical support to end users via the use of remote tools and knowledge database solutions. The objective is to prevent unnecessary remote resolvable calls from being sent to field technicians.

Incident Management

Responsible for all activities associated with the end-to-end management of service calls and installations. The objective of incident management is to restore normal service operations…

System Administration

System Administration

The system administration function is responsible for all activities associated with the initial triggers to fulfil the end-to-end installation process. This function also oversees and is responsible for the following…

Asset Administration

Asset Administration

Responsible for the monitoring and management of the Xerox Device Agent (XDA) toolset that enables end-to-end MPS monitoring. It acts as the trigger for the MPS monitoring process by ensuring…

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