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5 Xerox Print and Software Solutions for Your Small Business

5 Xerox Print and Software Solutions for Your Small BusinessToo often, when running a small business, many of the day-to-day admin tasks fall to you to do. This means you end up spending more time working “in” your business than “on” your business. With a whole host of Xerox software solutions and document management solutions – all designed to make you more efficient – Xerox office products will help you to:

  • streamline your processes,
  • automate your tasks, and
  • boost your productivity.

In this article, we look at our top 5 Xerox print and software solutions for your small business:

1. Document Management Solutions

Digitising your paper-intensive processes, such as billing and invoicing and automating your document workflows, will not only help cut costs but also simplify the processes themselves. This will not only save time and improve productivity but what is more, it will enhance collaboration. It will even help to improve data security too! Digitising paper documents also facilitates archiving, search and retrieval of information, and helps to improve workflows, paving the way for more advanced document management solutions from Xerox.

  1. Xerox ConnectKey technology

Whether you’re booking flights or checking the weather, apps are changing the way we do life. The same is now true for your printer or multifunction printer (MFP). Whether you need to translate and print documents with the touch of a button or scan a document to a cloud-based repository, ConnectKey has an app for that. Simply download apps to a ConnectKey-enabled printer or MFP and make your work life easier.

  1. Print Management and Mobility Service

These days, more people work remotely than what they do in the office. Therefore, banker’s hours are a thing of the past. Work happens anywhere and everywhere. As the demand for flexibility increases, the right mobile strategy is critical if your business is going to boost productivity and simplify the way work gets done. Xerox Mobile Print helps connect any mobile device to any printer, which means your staff can print where and when they want, without having to rely on others to print for them! A cloud based service, it is affordable and designed to save time and costs.

  1. Xerox Easy Translator Service

Xerox offers a comprehensive suite of cloud translation services ideal for mid-sized businesses that have the need to translate documents. Simply go to www.xeroxtranslates.com to translate over 44 languages, including French, German, Lithuanian, Japanese and Hmong Daw.

  1. Managed Print Services

If it all seems too much for you to get your head around, managed print services can help you accomplish everything from improved document security to gaining a better understanding of your true print costs. Your provider will help you to optimise your devices to help reduce costs, as well as advise you as to what automation solutions will help you maximise your productivity and sustainability.

With the right products and services, you really can simplify your life while boosting productivity and reducing costs. If you need help to choose the office software solutions for your business, contact Bytes Document Solutions for more information. Our team members are on hand to help simplify your life by making your business more efficient.