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Xerox software solutions: What is firmware and why do I need it?

Xerox office products, document management solutions

You may have heard of software, but what on earth is firmware?

Software refers to all the applications and other programmes that you run on your PC so that you can do your work. Firmware, however, is to do with external devices such as printers, scanners and copiers. At Bytes Document Solutions, our Xerox software solutions include firmware updates for all our devices.

When you think about it, Xerox office products these days are like computers in their own right. They complete a myriad of functions for you at the push of a button. Firmware is what allows a printer, scanner or copier to run smoothly and seamlessly. It is not to be confused with your device drivers, which communicate between the printer and the computer.

Do I need to update my firmware?

There are times when a manufacturer may upgrade the firmware on different devices. This could be to fix bugs (such as not recognising certain fonts or characters, or trouble with selecting paper size) or simply to improve the productivity of the machine.

Problems that may result from out-of-date firmware include:

  • The printer is slow to print
  • Printing and copying is uneven (and you have checked your cartridges)
  • Some words and characters are distorted
  • Trouble with paper size, and paper being lifted from the incorrect tray

It’s always a good idea to update firmware to the latest version, even if you haven’t noticed any specific problems. By keeping your firmware updated, you ensure that your Xerox office products continue to work optimally.

Xerox software solutions from Bytes Document Solutions includes services such as firmware and software updates. We offer fantastic technical support to ensure as little interruption as possible to your business.

For information on our range of Xerox office products and document management solutions, contact Bytes Document Solutions for more information today.