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Top-Of-The-Line Finishing Services You Can Expect from Xerox Office Products

Stapler with staples on scissors on a white background.Just how much can your printer do for you? Often, a business may have print requirements that require finishing such as stapling. When this is the case, sending documents to be printed out of the office is not feasible because of costs – but at the same time, the manual labour involved with special finishing can also cost your company money. Xerox office products provide an excellent solution – with a range of office printers, copiers and scanners that offer excellent finishing.

From presentations to booklets to multi-page agendas – Xerox printers offer superb finishing services to add a professional touch to your office printing. The automated features of these printers mean that you can use one machine to finish off printed documents without the high costs of outsourced printing. Automated finishing can also save you time spent collating and stapling pages.

  • Collating Pages

Printing multiple copies of a multi-page document? Xerox finishers can collate the pages, ensuring that each set is printed separately to avoid confusion.

  • Stapling and Binding

Collated pages printed using Xerox office products can also be stapled in sets. If a more professional finish is required, certain printers can also bind collated pages.

  • Punching

Do you require documents to be printed, collated and then punched – whether for filing or for spiral binding? Xerox printers can do this too!

  • Folding

For producing professional looking booklets in-house, Xerox printers are ideal. You can create multi-page documents that are printed, folded into booklets and then stapled – all using one machine.

From cloud-based document management services to save you time, hassle and printing costs; to Xerox software services to ensure that your printers and drivers are always functioning optimally and that they are connected to your computer network, Bytes Document Solutions provides excellent services that can help to save your company time and money. Contact us for more information today.