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Toner – A Bargain is Not Always a Bargain

Toner is the most important part of your Xerox printer or multifunction printer. Without toner you basically have a large scanner or paperweight. Obviously, we recommend that you use genuine Xerox toner in your machines. You might be tempted to use a bargain toner but I would like to caution you against trying the bargain brands. In the case of toner, you really do get what you pay for. In the end bargain toner can end up costing you more by causing problems with the printer and causing you large replacement or repair bills. The quality of your prints may suffer and you could lose valuable business because of poor quality output.

Take a look at the following video that explains a tests done by the Spenser Lab on the true cost of bargain toner cartridges.

The video gives you information on the test run and results found by Spenser Lab. Read the results from Spenser Lab in this document Xerox & Third-Party Toners – Reliability Test Report The tests run on a Xerox Phaser found that despite the higher price Xerox genuine toner cartridges turned out to be the economical option. These results would be similar on any Xerox printer or multifunction printer. The bargain toner cartridges were found to not yield the amount of prints advertised, fail more often and cause expensive damage to the printer itself. So the question becomes what is the true cost of those bargain toners? Potentially much more than just the list price. Consider this before you are dazzled by a low list price. Please take a look at the blog article and brochure about identifying a genuine product by knowing what label to look for, this information will help you avoid imposters.

You can find even more information on the Brand Protection site. You will find a place to report a suspicious product, information on telemarketing fraud and so much more to keep you informed on genuine Xerox branded products and away from counterfeit merchandise.

You can find the reorder numbers at the support page for your machine. If you have more questions or have experienced damage from a bargain brand contact your local support centre. To order supplies in South Africa call: 0800 117 843 or use the supplies website.

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