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Tips for choosing the right Xerox office products for your print company

Print text on keyboard buttonIf you run a print company, and you’re considering investing in Xerox office products, then you need to be sure you’re choosing the right ones for your needs. From helping you to work better and faster to streamlining your processes, Xerox office products are designed to make your work life simpler.

With so many Xerox software solutions and just as many document management solutions to choose from, be sure to ask yourself the following questions before deciding on which option to invest in:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. Will it save you time?
  3. Will it give you a return on your investment?
  4. Will it help streamline your workflow?
  5. Will it improve efficiency and productivity?
  6. What purpose do you need it to fulfil?
  7. What volume of prints does it need to handle?
  8. Do you only require a single purpose machine or must it be a multifunction printer?

Bearing those questions in mind, there are also a few other critical factors to consider when choosing the right Xerox office products for your print company:

  • Hardware

For your business to continue running smoothly and efficiently, with minimal downtime, you should invest in reliable equipment.

  • Streamlined workflows 

Make sure the products you choose, do facilitate smarter and faster ways of doing things, including streamlining workflows.

  • Cloud-based software

In an “always-on” world, it’s essential that whatever option you choose has an internet connection and can connect to the cloud for regular updates and the backing up of documents.

  • Security

Be sure to ask about the product’s security levels. Confirm whether access to the documents requires authentication.

An investment in office products does not need to put your business in the red. However, it does need to be a well thought out decision that will result in positive outcomes for your business.

The office products that are available from Bytes Document Solutions include:

  • Multifunction printers,
  • Printers,
  • Copiers, and
  • Software.

Contact us to find out more about our office products as well as for advice on which one is right for your print company!