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The Risks of Not Having Managed Print Services for Your Business

The Risks of Not Having Managed Print Services for Your Business If you have yet to organise managed print services for your business, this is likely due to your hesitance to dedicate company budget to the service in fear of wasting money paying for something to be outsourced that can be done in-house. However, have you considered the risks of NOT having managed print services in place? These are the factors that every business owner should be aware of.


Without managed print services, the security of your business and it’s most important, confidential documents is at great risk. According to research, when a business does not have managed print services, there is a much higher chance of employees coming across confidential documents that have been left mistakenly at the printer, seeing confidential correspondence and confidential salary data as a result of human error. The good news is that print management solutions can aid in making sure that these mistakes do not happen. This can be through assigning personal printers, making use of ID scanners or even implementing hard drive encryption.


Managed print services will make certain that your business uses its printing resources in an environmentally-friendly way, thus helping to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Monitoring, tracking and reporting on your establishment’s environmental impact is of the utmost importance and can take a lot of time if not left up to the professionals.

Here at Bytes Document Solutions, we specialise in Xerox managed print services and can help to set you up with a high-quality office automation system that is guaranteed to help safeguard and streamline operations. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.