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The dangers of buying low-quality toner for your Xerox office products

In any office environment, it can be tempting to cut costs wherever necessary. However, if you have invested in Xerox office products, buying knock-off toner for your devices definitely isn’t one of the avenues you should explore to save on your budget.

Everybody likes paying less than expected, but fake toner cartridges can be counterfeit. Counterfeit products can:

  • Damage your products
  • Have an array of associated problems such as illegal activity
  • Produce low-quality prints
  • Could render the warranty on your Xerox office products null and void

But how do you know if you’re buying low-quality toner? Look out for the following signs:

  • Toner cartridges that are heavily marked down and that are sold at discounted rates
  • Advertisements claiming that inventory is overstocked or being liquidated, which is why the products are being sold so cheap
  • Suppliers who only accept cash payments
  • Inferior packaging and spelling mistakes in product names (this is an indication that the toner is inauthentic)

Xerox office products are top quality, internationally renowned business equipment. Saving a few Rand on knock-off products simply isn’t worth it. To make sure you are buying genuine Xerox supplies, be on the lookout for the holographic security label with the Xerox logo. Also make sure that the packaging isn’t damaged, as this could indicate that the product has been tampered with. For genuine Xerox supplies and office products, contact Bytes Document Solutions today.It can be tempting to cut costs wherever necessary. Find out why you shouldn’t buy low-quality Xerox office products.