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Digital Archiving:

Easily capture, store, share and transform paper-based and electronic documents.

Print Management:

Start printing smarter—sooner. If your business is relying on paper processes that drain resources and productivity. Spend less time managing your printers and more time focusing on your business.

WorkFlow Capture:

Easily capture, classify, validate and transform your business documents into usable information that provides insight, drives efficiency, and leads to smarter decision making.

Capture enables you to arrange document processes that extract critical business information and put it into motion through automated capture workflows.

Digital Signatures:

Across the world, digital signatures are fast becoming the only legally accepted replacement for handwritten signatures, because they offer inherent security -something that cannot be found in either handwritten or electronic signatures. Digital signatures make use of a technology known as public-key cryptography. Not only does this address non-repudiation in a court of law, it also protects the integrity of documents, making them tamper-evident.

Enterprise Content Management:

Volume and variety of data are ever expanding, as are regulatory and efficiency pressures. Organisations require a robust and future proof enterprise content management solution to keep data safe, easily accessible, and organised.