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Simple safeguards to stay secure in today’s world

Every day we hear about another hack or security attack. Sadly, identity theft and data breaches are not just things that happen to other people or other businesses. Get up to speed on the risks and the easy, simple steps you can take to safeguard yourself and your business.

Are you as secure as you think?

When was the last time you changed your computer/device passwords? Do you have a different password for each? And what about your printer – is it secure? It may be hard to believe, but less than 2% of printers in use today are intrusion-proof. Most people do not change the default password at installation, giving hackers easy access to embedded system data, network information and even the ability to download files to the printer.

The key is to think of all of your devices at home and at work as minicomputers:

  • Change the default password immediately on printer installation and use complex, lengthy passwords.
  • Ensure your printer has the latest security features such as offered by Xerox ConnectKey Technology.
  • Make passwords different for every device you use, including each app or Web site login.
  • Don’t forget to update your passwords regularly.

Looking for a secure printer? You’re going to want to check out the Xerox VersaLink C405 Color Multifunction Printer.

Take your security with you

Think about all the information available on your phone – contacts, texts, e-mails, stored logins for social media, banking details and more. In addition to strong passwords, you can guard against data invasion with the following:

  • Turn off sharing  Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use to limit your “detectability” by hackers. And be careful when connecting to public networks.
  • Keep your software updated – Update your desktop and mobile anti-virus software regularly and check in with your company about your work phone’s mobile device management software. Be extra careful whenever downloading software from the Web – especially on any work devices.
  • Save data securely – Save and backup data to the cloud or a secure server, never your device.

Add more peace of mind with these protective steps for your computer:

  • Ensure hard drives are secure – Make sure any information that is on a hard drive is encrypted. This not only guards against attacks, but can be helpful for recovery if you need it.
  • Protect against SPAM and viruses – Make sure you and your employees know how to detect and deal with suspicious e-mails, so you avoid viruses.
  • Purge old files regularly – Archives are important, but avoid the urge to be an electronic packrat. Know what to delete and when – and do it regularly.
  • Consider your trash – Leverage trade-in programmes for proper disposal of obsolete technology (such as computers, printers and hard drives) to ensure these items do not get harvested for sensitive information.

Does your printer security walk the talk?

There’s a lot of talk in office technology circles about who provides the most secure products. Proof of superior security is in the Xerox platform.

Xerox makes security a top priority because we know it needs to be for you and your business. Every Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled device such as the VersaLink C405 Color all-in-one printer is armed with a comprehensive four-point approach to printer security to prevent intrusion.

McAfee Embedded Security powered by Intel Security lets you connect safely with your ConnectKey printers and multifunction printers so you can protect them the way you shield your PCs from viruses and malware.

Treat your printed documents sensitively:

Because your printer is on your network, it can be an entry point for people looking to steal your information. Follow the steps above to secure your network but go one step further and protect your printer too:

  • Abandoned documents – Don’t leave documents sitting in the printer input or output trays – use secure print technology that safely stores the document at the device until you are there to release the job and collect it. And if you do print sensitive material, don’t throw it in the trash, send it to the shredder ASAP.
  • App availability – Control what apps can be accessed from your multifunction printer with Xerox ConnectKey Technology that lets you whitelist trusted apps.
  • Data on printer hard drives – Your printer has a hard drive too. Make sure it is encrypted and your printer scrubs data after printing documents.
  • Scanned data – Scanned data can live on your network. Leverage technology that automatically deletes this information after a scanned document is e-mailed, stored or printed.
  • Printer and document access – Many printers today are embedded with technology that allows you to control who has what type of access. This not only secures sensitive data, but can save you money by reducing wasteful printing.

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