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Print Tag exploring digital possibilities with Xerox

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Cape Town-based Print-Tag, a family-run commercial printing business specialising in digital and litho print products, has installed a new Xerox Versant 80 Press supplied by Cape Office Machines. Cape Office has been an authorised business partner to Bytes Document Solutions (BDS) since 1982 and became the first Xerox dealer in South Africa.

With a focus firmly on customer service and dedication to consistently delivering quality results, Print-Tag produces a wide range of printed products, from business cards to flyers, leaflets, booklets and other miscellaneous stationery. Products are delivered through Print-Tag’s retail store, online store and factory.

Print Tag co-owner and operator Gareth Cunningham, who runs the business with his brother, father and sister, says the Versant 80 was a logical “next step” when the company’s Xerox 700 printer started showing its age.

“We worked closely with Cape Office to shortlist our upgrade options, and the Versant 80 was a clear winner,” says Cunningham. “It has a good reputation in the industry for punching well above its weight, and I can confidently confirm it does just that – with colour accuracy and consistency we could only have dreamed of with any of our previous printers.”

Cunningham says his customers, which include big corporates, famous brands, retailers and walk in customers want a one-stop shop when it comes to printing.

“We want our customers to drop off an order for 20 000 litho-printed retail boxes and at the same time order their 200 business cards,” he says.

“No matter what they need, we can and will make it happen, anything from a large print run order to a simple colour copy. We’ll take on any printing or finishing work if it means the customer doesn’t have to spend extra time or energy to source it elsewhere, and have never turned away a customer,” he says.

The Versant 80 features Xerox’s Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) tool that takes the trial and error guesswork out of perfect front-to-back alignment. With sophisticated laser technology that generates dozens of reference points on the fly, SIQA automatically accounts for paper surface anomalies, changes in humidity and other variables.

The printer also features automated Image Transfer Adjustment, effortlessly adjusting image transfer to ensure optimal quality on a variety of stocks, while Density Uniformity Adjustment helps maintain colour consistency within a page, delivering the same high quality of finish regardless of stock type – even on linens, polyesters and other unique substrates.

Moreover, the 10-bit processing delivered by the EFI Fiery Print Server and Versant 80 increases the possible number of traditional pick points from 256 (with 8-bit processing) to 1 024, with 10-bit processing for each colour separation (four times more pixels than the digital press standard).

“With the Versant family of printers, smaller businesses are no longer constrained by cost when it comes to achieving industry-standard print quality,” says Cape Office Machines digital press specialist, Bryn Whithair.

“The digital print market is entering a new growth phase, especially in Cape Town, with highly competitive commercial printers looking to capitalise on the shift to high-end digital printing rather than more expensive and time-consuming alternatives. That’s where companies like Print-Tag, who are small enough to offer personal service and large enough to deliver top-shelf products, have a distinct advantage, and where products like the V80 can make a real difference to their service.”

Cunningham says a big part of that ability to commit is having the tools and expertise in place to back it up, which is where the Xerox Versant 80 with support from Cape Office and BDS is simply unmatched.

“We wouldn’t be able to do what we’re doing now, with the online store and other new ventures, without the Versant or the team behind it.”

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