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Brits Printers transforms 70 years of printing excellence into a phenomenal digital experience with Xerox

When Brits Printers realised that they needed to offer customers high quality, smaller print runs for pamphlets, magazines and promotional materials or risk turning away business, they turned to Xerox and its business platinum partner, Compleo.

Typo Colour Printing Making history for 84 years

Family-owned businesses face more than their fair share of challenges, not the least of which is the unwillingness of second and third generations to become involved in the enterprise. It is therefore, encouraging to find a company which has been able to survive for three generations spanning more than 80 years.

Meet the Versant colourful heroes

The more diverse your capabilities, the faster you'll grow. Whether you're a commercial or in-plant printer, the Xerox Versant family gives you just that. From more productive automation, more consistent ultra-HD resolution, more substrate options to more results. Because all that "more" means you can take on business you never imagined. Work can work better.