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How your printer can help your office go green

We’ve had it drummed into us for so long that we should go paperless to be ‘green’. So how does ‘printing’ equate with eco-friendly? The reality for most businesses is that it has proved impossible to not use paper. Some things simply need to be printed, and Xerox software solutions have been developed with to meet that need in the most eco friendly way possible with their all in one printers.

Eco-conscious printing

The use of 100% recycled paper along with managed printing solutions to reduce paper, ink and toner use, go a long way to reducing the environmental impact of your office’s printing needs. However, the biggest impact can come through investing in a state-of-the-art, cloud and mobile-connected, Xerox multifunction all in one printer.

A multifunction printer reduces energy consumption

Multifunction Xerox WorkCentre printers are designed to meet a variety of printing needs for large and small businesses. These multifunction printers (MFPs/printer all-in-ones) allow you to scan, copy, print, fax, and email – all from one device, reducing the need for excessive hardware, and so greatly reducing energy usage in the office.

Earth Smart technology for responsible printing

Standard printer settings reduce paper use significantly – from margin settings to settings for double-sided printing. The Green Earth Smart settings available on Xerox all in one printer take that to a new level by reduce paper and toner usage further. You can disable banner pages, do 2-sided (duplex) printing, 2-up printing…and much more!

The eco-friendly benefit of remote access to the office all-in-one printer

Cloud and mobile connectivity help streamline business operations in a multitude of ways, with the potential for significant environmental benefit when that connectivity makes it possible for personnel to work from home. Fewer people in the office itself also equates to less impact and energy usage – from infrastructure to daily consumption. To find out more about the technology and capabilities of Xerox multifunction printers and how they can help your office ‘go green’ contact the Bytes Solutions team today. We can help you choose the right all in one printer for your business needs and advise you on how Xerox business solutions help you streamline operations and print smarter and more responsibly.