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How to Optimise the ROI of Managed Print Services

woman hands putting a sheet of paper into a copying deviceManaged Print Services has been transforming businesses far and wide. Basically, it is responsible for managing all aspects of your business printing devices from printers to copiers and everything in between. Managed Print Services focuses on optimising the way in which these devices are utilised on a daily basis, thus saving you money, reducing paper wastage and increasing overall productivity and efficiency within the office. Below, we investigate how to optimise the ROI of Managed Print Services.

Supply Order History Reporting

When you make use of the programme, you will receive a report detailing your printer supply purchase history. You will then be able to compare this with your previous purchases. Not only are cost savings evident when looking at this report, but it also makes it easier for you to budget for your future printer supply related expenses.

Device Utilisation Reporting

You will be given detailed insight in the way in which your printing devices are being utilised in the office. The report will offer information regarding the total number of pages printed throughout the month, as well as the total number of scanned and/or faxed documents and more.

Service Call History Reporting

This reporting makes it possible for you to not only look into the different service requests that were made throughout the month, but also illustrates what the actual issues were, how and when they were resolved, and by whom.

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