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How to choose the right Xerox office products for your business

How to choose the right Xerox office products for your businessDid you know that up to 15% of a business’ expenditure occurs in office printing and related activities?

With this in mind, it makes sense that you should give a lot of thought when deciding which Xerox office products are right for your business. Office printers, copiers and scanners are an investment in your business. Choosing the products that are best for your needs, both now and in the future, will save you money and increase your productivity.

Many business owners simply go out and buy a printer when they need one or when the old one breaks down. It’s usually a hasty decision without much thought and planning. It does, however, pay to take certain factors into consideration:

  • Multi-function printers

A multi-function printer is a must have if you want to be able to accomplish a variety of tasks using the same device: printing, copying, scanning and faxing. We have many excellent MFP’s in our Xerox office products range.

  • Office printers

An office printer is great for additional print-only needs, whether it’s a desktop printer for individual use, or Wi-Fi connected for the whole office to use.

  • Copiers

For businesses with large copying requirements, a Xerox copier is the ideal solution in addition to your printer or MFP. Our copiers are robust and specifically designed to handle high volumes and automated processes.

  • Software to increase productivity

In addition to the cost of paper, ink and electricity, another factor when using a printer or other office device is time. Xerox office products help to increase your productivity through automated processes and easy-to-use systems. Usage can be limited or restricted to minimise waste. Our Xerox software solutions include ConnectKey Apps that allow you to connect office products to your smartphone or tablet, saving you time and making your life easier.

For information on our range of Xerox office products and document management solutions, contact Bytes Document Solutions today.