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How to Choose a Xerox Office Product That Will Help Your Business Save Money

Basket with stationery.In-office printing is often an ‘invisible’ business expense that it is hard to keep track of. If you have multiple employees printing when and as they need to, with no procedures in place, and if you have given little thought to automated printing that could save you time… it is likely that you are spending a lot more than you realise on printing each month.

Xerox office products can help save you money on your printing. Here are just a few ways that the right choice for a printer, or print management system, will lower your print costs:

  1. Use A Multi-Function Printer

Xerox printers offer multiple functionalities in one machine – printing, copying and scanning. This saves on the cost of electricity running multiple machines when one piece of equipment can complete all the work required. In addition, you’ll be paying for ink, toner and paper for one printer only.

  1. Keep Printing to A Minimum

Print management allows you to restrict the amount of unnecessary printing that is done in your company. The entire company is limited to a set number of prints per month, and employees are required to print via a printing password to ensure that printing can be monitored, encouraging them to print only when required.

Another way of reducing the number of prints is to implement document management solutions. This enables important documents to be stored on a cloud-based server, accessible from any location. Instead of printing and manually filing all documents, this virtual filing system can be used. It is far more cost-effective, and it also eliminates time wasted sorting through paper work trying to find printed documents.

  1. Print in Black and White

Unless your company has a regular need to print full-colour documents (such as marketing materials or photographs) there really is no need for-full colour printing. Colour cartridges and toner is exceptionally expensive, so by using only black ink, you can save your company a lot of money.

Bytes Document Solutions offers a wide range of Xerox office products to suit your needs. From desktop printers to multi-function printers with automated finishing to wide format digital printers. For further information on our products and related printing services, contact us today.