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How the supplies you use for your Xerox office products influence performance

Have you considered how the supplies you use impact your Xerox office products. Learn more here.

Document management solutions and Xerox office products are a considerable investment. While these systems are robust and durable, they need to be maintained throughout the year. Regular maintenance is often a pre-scheduled task that facility management takes care of, but have you considered how the supplies you use impact your equipment?

Thanks to state of the art multifunction printers, you can produce marketing collateral and documents that rival commercial printers’ work. Inexpensive toner and paper, however, might give you immediate cost savings, but the damage that they can cost to your printers will cost you in the long run. The weight of paper, for example, impacts the ease at which it is able to move through the printer. Knock-off toner can also influence the speed at which your printer is able to print, which can lead to overheating in certain instances.

Creating a professional image starts with the first impression that you are able to give clients and potential clients. Low quality toner and paper produces inferior results, so invest in the paper, supplies and finishes that matches the project that you are working on, the pitch that you’re about to deliver, or the client’s company that you are visiting.

Invest in the right supplies for your Xerox office products. Contact Bytes Document Solutions for more information today.