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How managed print services help your small business save

How managed print services help your small business save Managed print services (MPS) help your business save in several ways – boosting productivity, streamlining operations, saving on time and materials and optimising document security. They can take the headache out of often complex systems, effectively offering an outsourced software office assistant along with your multifunction printer.

Print management solutions

Print management solutions start with an analysis of your businesses printing operations and identifying inefficiencies and wastage. This is followed by implementation of what is effectively an office automation system for your printing, that removes the ‘human error’ or oversight factor from printing operations.

Reduce printing costs by up to 30%

If you have multiple devices, the first step would be to consolidate their operations into a multifunction all in one printer that literally does it all: from scanning and copying to printing, faxing and email. Not only does this reduce the costs associated with the purchase and upkeep of multiple devices, but also reduces energy consumption. That is followed by implantation of easily controlled and automated printing settings that minimise paper and toner usage and maximise the speed, efficiency and quality of both input and output. Less wastage = less cost. The financial gain can be up to 30% in a business that relies on heavily on printing.

Streamline and maximise capabilities

Managed print services also provide network management – from office networks to cloud-based networks and storage. Access for employees on the move or working from remote locations can increase productivity at the same time – further reducing the total costs to business. This is further enhanced buy the automation and software capabilities that allow print management control over the settings that help your business save.

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