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How document management solutions improve workflow in every department of your company

In any business, documents carry critical information that helps your employees serve customers. Whether your business uses paper, digital documents or both, document management solutions can help you get the most value from this information by keeping it accessible, flexible and secure.

One of the tools that forms part of Xerox’s document management solutions is DocuShare. It is helping thousands of organisations work more efficiently, regardless of the size of their business. It helps knowledgeable workers be more efficient every day by focusing on the intersection of people, paper and processes: the lifeblood of today’s work environment. It scales to tens of millions of documents and can support tens of thousands of users every day.

Consider how the following features can improve the workflow in every department of your company:

  • Capture paper and digital documents from any source, via a multifunction printer (MFP), desktop or mobile apps.
  • Manage and store the information in a secure central repository, on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Share information in context with co-workers, customers and partners.
  • Process documents with user-friendly routing tools or automated workflows.
  • Collaborate with co-workers and partners on business information.
  • Find the information you need with powerful tagging and search tools.

Content Rules is another feature that can vastly improve any business process. It allows business managers to easily set automated actions that occur when an event happens, for example, an approval workflow may start automatically when a new invoice is uploaded. You don’t need coding: just specify a series of steps to automate for a document.

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