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Exploring Device Compatibility Packs with Xerox

A Device Compatibility Pack (DCP) is a compressed file archive containing product specific data including device images, driver constraints, device capabilities and more. The Global and Mobile Express print drivers rely on DCPs and their contents to know how to print to specific products. There is a Xerox DC TIP which has recently (December 2018) been updated. The tip document explains in detail how DCPs work and how to install them in your environment. These Device Compatibility Packs are for the Windows environment and are not compatible with Apple Mac.

The Global Print Driver and Mobile Express Driver will have installed one DCP for each product the driver supports. To add support for another product, the product’s DCP must be installed. A printing device for which the Global Print Driver and Mobile Express Driver does not have a device compatibility pack is considered an unsupported model and should default to the Basic mode.

Device Compatibility Pack (DCP) updates are also for legacy products that may not have new drivers developed for new operating systems. DCP updates can be setup to automatically update or they can be manually updated.

The DCPs provide you with a means of acquiring product data (for example, device capabilities, constraints, images, etc) for a device without having to go through the time and effort to download and install a new Global Print Driver or Mobile Express Driver. This is a means of updating the driver without re-installing or breaking WHQL (Windows Hardware Qualification Lab) certification. Users of the Global Print Driver or Mobile Express Driver no longer have to download and install new drivers when new devices are added to their environment. The DC Tip is a guide for systems administrators and peer-to-peer clients in the process of acquiring and installing DCP updates for the Global Print Driver and Mobile Express Driver.

The DC Tip includes links to DCPs and full instructions for manually or automatically installing updated device compatibility packs. If this is an issue you need information about see the DC TIP and if you need additional information give your local support centre a call.

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