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Durrant Printing Solutions expands operations with Xerox

Formally known as the Cartridge Man and based in Lynwood Pretoria, Durrant Printing has expanded its operations and offerings by opening another branch in Pretoria, and choosing Xerox as its preferred supplier with the new Xerox Versant 80.

Both branches offer the complete solution from concept design, proofing, printing and finishing.

For Gary Durrant and his team, printing is all about efficiency and to achieve this level of efficiency only state-of-the-art printing technology is acceptable. This is the reason why the company has turned to Xerox for both its colour and monochrome print solutions.

One might expect that Durrant Printing Solutions would be your typical high street copy and print shop with customers consisting mainly of passing locals and small businesses in the area. This is not the case and many of its customers are large companies based in Johannesburg and further afield. Listed among its client base are some of the leading educational book publishers in the country.

Part of the services that Durrant Printing offers is the distribution and delivery of printed material to schools, universities and book stores around the country. Durrant Printing prides itself on taking every possible action to give their clients fast turnaround of the highest quality. This includes arranging delivery to the final destination.

Printing and print quality are of prime importance to Gary Durrant, who comes from a family of the best-known and longest-running printers in the Pretoria area. Durrant grew up around litho printing and transitioned into digital printing to reach the level of reactivity, speed and turnaround times that cannot be matched by litho.

He decided on the Xerox Versant 2100 on the advice of James Carruthers of XBC-IT, a Xerox Platinum Business Partner. Durrant commented, “This was by no means an easy, straightforward sale for James. I needed a printer which could meet the demand for quality colour while achieving the required levels of automation and speed, and investigated and evaluated all the devices on the market. After seeing the Versant in action at a trade show, I was convinced that this was the device for me and I installed one of the very first Versant 2100 printers in South Africa.”

Such was the success of the Versant that it brought to light the need for an improved monochrome printer capable of higher volumes and improved quality. This resulted in the installation of a Xerox D125 capable of print speeds up to 125 pages per minute for the production on a range of media types including carbonless, document folders and synthetic materials among others.

Durrant commented, “Both of these devices proved to be so efficient that it resulted in us having to add an additional press to keep up with the growing demand from our clients. This saw the recent installation of the new Xerox Versant 80 press to supplement the production capacity.”

Both the Versant 2100 and the Versant 80 are high-volume, high-quality colour production printers capable of 2400 x 2400dpi x 10-bit rendering creating vibrant and sharp colour rendition from four-colour printing. They can handle a wide range of stocks with Full Width Array allowing consistent print quality from one side of the sheet to the other and from one sheet to the next. This feature also controls and guarantees back-to-back registration.

Said Carruthers, “It is never easy to convince a loyal customer of one brand to change to another. Durrant Printing was a longstanding customer of another printing equipment manufacturer. This was made even more important by the fact that Durrant Printing Solutions not only bought a second press, but two more presses as its production requirements grew. This is proof of the capabilities of the equipment to meet the company’s increasing production demands.”

With a client base spread across the whole country, fast turnaround times and unwavering quality are of prime importance. Durrant Printing Solutions requires equipment which is easy to use and extremely reliable, which is standard across the Xerox range of digital production presses.

Durrant concluded, “The Xerox presses are capable of top-quality printing and the Xerox technical staff are always available to assist with any technical queries or to overcome any issues which may arise. This ensures that we always meet our printing deadlines to satisfy our customers. While our capacity requirements are currently adequate, we will definitely look to Xerox as our business grows.”