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Bytes Document Solutions named Equitrac Reseller of the Year

Bytes Document Solutions (BDS) has won the prestigious Equitrac Reseller of the Year Award from South African Equitrac distributor Document Accounting Solutions (DAS).

Equitrac print management software assists businesses to reduce the costs of printing, increase security while minimising print infrastructure costs and eases printing-related strain on IT staff.

According to DAS MD Russell Roth, the award is not handed out every year, but only in exceptional circumstances. BDS received the award for meeting and exceeding the sales targets set by DAS.

“We have a longstanding and very successful relationship with BDS in South Africa, and it gives me great pleasure to name them our Reseller of the Year,” says Roth. “We put such a high value on this award, and for it to be done at such a competitive time for our industry is all the more remarkable.”

Roth believes BDS’s success is a result of its solution-oriented approach to the Equitrac enterprise market.

“Like Equitrac, BDS does not sell the cheapest solution on the market with Xerox, but the key is the overall value of the solution,” he says. “As a Xerox specialist, BDS has a keen understanding of the professionalism and expertise it takes to build a complete, future-looking solution for its clients, and as such, is adding tremendous value to the brands they work with, ours included.”

Koos Ligtenberg, director of software solutions at Bytes Document Solutions, says even though Xerox and (Equitrac developer) Nuance are strategic partners globally, the local relationship BDS has with DAS makes the relationship a natural fit in the local market.

“Even though we are the official Xerox distributor in South Africa, as an Equitrac solution provider we are hardware-agnostic, and are managing hundreds of non-Xerox systems in South Africa with great success,” says Ligtenberg.

“From our perspective, Equitrac is such a powerful, proven solution I am not sure why every enterprise with any print requirement doesn’t already use it,” he says. “The security, control, flexibility and massive cost benefits, not to mention the measurable environmental benefits of using a fraction of the paper after an Equitrac implementation, makes it the ideal companion to any serious printing investment, period.”

Nuance’s Equitrac is intelligent print management software that makes enterprise printing simple, secure and cost-effective. Once installed, Equitrac gives large and small organisations powerful user-level features such as one-click printing to any printer from any device, and flexible follow-me printing that takes the burden out of waiting in the print queue. It also gives managers complete oversight of their teams’ printing patterns and requirements, with user-level and group control over sensitive documents, and real-time control over costs and corporate budgets.

“The degree of control Equitrac gives your company – at all levels – is what makes it the world’s most trusted enterprise print solution,” says Roth. “Cost savings is only one aspect; complete control of the types, numbers and even content of documents being printed – or saved or exported – means companies can be sure that every document at every security level is accounted for, and not a single sheet of paper is wasted.”

Ligtenberg concurs: “An average mono print is five cents, a colour print 45 cents, an A4 sheet of paper seven cents. Simply cutting 100 000 sheets per month by implementing duplex printing across the organisation can save on average more than R84 000 per year in paper costs alone. At the same time, you have a system that can scan and determine the content of any document being printed and ensure the right people with the right security clearances are printing them.”

Bytes Document Solutions

Bytes Document Solutions (BDS) is Africa’s leading document management technology and services company and the largest Xerox distributor in the world. It is the authorised Xerox distributor in 26 sub-Saharan countries offering the complete range of Xerox document equipment, software solutions and services. BDS forms part of the telecommunications, multimedia and information technology (TMT) organisation of Altron, the parent holding company. www.xerox.co.za

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