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Bytes Document Solutions announces installation of first Xerox iGen 5 Press in South Africa

Bytes Document Solutions – the largest worldwide Xerox distributor – and Xerox Platinum Partner Compleo has announced the installation of the first Xerox iGen 5 Press in South Africa.

House of Print – who has built an enviable reputation in the Gauteng printing industry since its presses started rolling in 1968 – is the first South African print provider to house the Xerox iGen 5 Press.

Print providers often talk about the time they spend on repairing errors, quality control, job set-up, and waiting for the press, but thanks to Xerox this is no longer the case.

According to Garth van den Bergh, Technology Business Manager for Xerox Middle East and Africa, the Xerox iGen 5 Press delivers faster, flexible, quality workflows through automated litigation.

With its innovative design it consolidates the best characteristics of the industry-leading iGen Press legacy into a single, ultimately configurable platform, with additional colour choices to better meet customer needs.

Extended Colour Gamut

One of the iGen 5’s standout features is the option for a fifth print station.

The fifth print station can be used to both extend the colour gamut, and soften the Xerox white dry ink or clear dry ink with special effects.

The colour gamut extension offers the ability to match a wider range of pantone colours previously outside of the iGen gamut, using one of three dry inks – orange, green, and blue.

To further enhance automation with the Xerox iGen 5, Xerox has developed the Xerox Gamut Extension Tool, which automatically determines whether a fifth colour is needed, based on a pantone plus colour input.

Other features of the Xerox iGen 5 include:

  • An EFI Fiery or Xerox FreeFlow Print Server to automate and integrate the workflow process from order to finish.
  • Gloss or matte dry ink options that create unique and eye-grabbing applications.
  • 26-inch sheet size to enable more jobs and applications such as six-panel brochures, gatefold pamphlets, pocket folders, and direct-mail campaigns.
  • 2,400 x 2,400 dpi imaging system, Object Oriented Halftoning, Xerox Confident Colour and Auto Density Control to deliver reliable and predictable image quality.
  • A range of inline finishing solutions, including Xerox IntegratedPLUS Finishing and Dual Mode Sheet Feeder to manage jobs with diverse finishing requirements.

Built-in software for accelerated workflows

As the most effective printing synergy is created between the engine and the workflow, Xerox has developed Xerox FreeFlow Core which integrates with the iGen 5 for automatic file preparation.

Xerox FreeFlow Core reviews all print jobs and places them in the most effective order – whether holding similar jobs, or sending a job to a specific queue.

Combined with the iGen 5, print providers can quickly and easily set up and improve workflows, as it automatically determines if an additional fifth colour is needed, which colour extension works best, and the most efficient way to group jobs.

With the patented iGen 5 auto desk view control system, print providers are also ensured of automatic stream and output error detection before it occurs and fixes it without operating intervention.

House of Print

With the latest Xerox addition to its printing capabilities, House of Print now boasts an impressive stable of printing presses and finishing equipment.

The print provider offers a full spectrum of printing services, including litho, digital, web, wide, format, and gravure, and with the iGen 5 Press, they can now integrate productivity, accuracy, speed, and quality without compromising or prioritising one over the other.

“Everything about the Xerox iGen 5 Press was built for changing the world of printing, and to help customers like House of Print seize new, profitable opportunities in printing,” said van Den Bergh.

Currently, there are more than 2,000 iGen presses in production environments. Up to 120 customers are using them to produce on average more than one million impressions per month, he added.