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Branders Printing Co. boosts future business confidence with Xerox Versant 180 and Xerox D95

Branders Printing Co. boosts future business confidence with Xerox Versant 180 and Xerox D95

Branders Printing Co, a family-run business, has reaffirmed its confidence in the Xerox brand, with its recent purchase of the Xerox D95 light production printer.

This follows the very successful installation of the Xerox Versant 180 over a year ago. These Xerox devices were purchased from Xerox Business Partner, XBC-IT and Altron Bytes Document Solutions (BDS).

Since the installation of the Versant 180, the business has more than trebled its existing volume, increasing turnover by a substantial 35% in six months. The Xerox D95 continues to support Branders’ phenomenal growth trend and did an impressive 700 000 impressions in just over two months from installation.

What started out as a hobby to help reduce costs for his parish resulted in the start of a small printing business. With the support of the church congregation and Branders’ commitment to the local community, the business continued to grow.

Three decades later and under the leadership of the founder’s son, Branders is still growing, thriving and committed to making a valuable contribution to its customers and communities. Today Branders is a fast-growing digital print business, and a positive example of growth in the South African print industry.

Francois Branders, CEO, summed up his print and supplier requirements as follows: “Speed, cost-effectiveness and advanced personalisation were our key requirements. We need printers that can offer personalisation and customisation with fast turnaround times. We decided on the Versant 180 because of its production capabilities, its quality and reliability. The Xerox D95 is specially engineered for print-intensive environments and has proven to be an excellent choice to guarantee fast and professional print runs.

“The Xerox products and the Altron BDS teams met all our requirements and more. The result is an expanded service offering with a wider range of quality digital print products at competitive prices. We operate in a highly competitive industry and it is critical to keep up with technology. Our business growth from our Xerox printing solutions have justified our investment.

“We have become the go-to option for our customers who see us as an indispensable business partner.”

Francois Branders describes the quality of the Xerox products, and the service from Altron BDS, as phenomenal and incomparable. “Our Xerox products are bringing greater efficiencies to our production. We are increasing productivity, reducing costs and exceeding our customers’ demanding expectations. We can print more pages now than what we could do previously on cheaper competitive devices, but we are now able to print faster at a lower cost while maintaining a higher quality.”

He emphasised the importance of his customers, saying they “strive to always satisfy customers with a personalised approach. We work closely with our customers and try to guide them to use the latest technology to improve quality. We have been able to integrate high-productivity print solutions into our workplace very seamlessly and are attracting new customers.”

He described service as a critical factor. “Without the service,” he said, “it doesn’t really matter what machine, model, or product you have. If it is not maintained, your business cannot succeed. I am very pleased with Altron BDS’s service and support. James Carruthers, XBC-IT’s account manager, and BDS’s Barry Hasleham are trusted advisors to us and have become part of the Branders family. We do have the winning combination, and we know that we can always count on Xerox’s renowned dependability and superior performance.”