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Asset Print opens new doors with Xerox

Asset Print, one of Cape Town’s established full-service print shops, has opened the doors of its second premises in the city’s southern suburb of Rondebosch.
Built around the quality and volume capabilities of the company’s all-new Xerox Versant 80 Press, Asset Print Rondebosch has taken the same blueprint that made its original CBD store so successful and reproduced it on a smaller, but equally effective, scale in the heart of the city’s university district.
Asset Print founder, director and co-owner Michael Fortuin says the new business came about following a visit to a customer in the area.
“Finding these premises was just one of those lucky breaks you get as a business owner, especially when you’re always looking for new and different ways to grow,” says Fortuin.
“As a business owner, I know that success comes from paying close attention to the details, and that’s exactly what we got from our investment in Xerox equipment at our flagship store. When you’re starting out in a new area with new customers and new challenges, the last thing you can afford is equipment failure or quality issues, and those are the two things we know we’ll never have with Xerox.”
Supplied by Cape Office Machines and Bytes Document Solutions, the Xerox Versant 80 offers small-to-medium print shops a powerhouse combination of features and functions at a price that matches and surpasses significantly more expensive equipment. This includes a high-volume (80 000), high-capacity and high-speed (80ppm) digital print engine boasting class-leading ultra HD (2 400 x 2 400 dpi) resolution at full speed, even with the heaviest (350gsm) media.
Other standard features such as Xerox’s Simplified Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) and Xerox EA Low Melt Dry Ink toner gives the Versant 80 the same accurate colour management and edge-to-edge consistency that makes Xerox the industry standard for professional digital printing.
“Without a doubt, the Versant 80 gives us the edge when it comes to offering a certain level of quality, the likes of which is simply not available for anywhere near our price points,” says Asset Print Rondebosch Store Manager Aimee Bruiners.
“You have to go all the way into town to match the quality we’ve been producing here, which means our walk-in customers can cut their print times, save money and walk out with significantly better results.”
Asset Print Rondebosch appeals directly to the vibrant UCT community that lives and works in the area, and Cape Office director Stuart Daniels says the shop is perfectly equipped to meet the exacting demands of the locals.
“Whenever we work with one of our print partners that are either opening a brand new business or building on the success of their current one, we always consider how their existing equipment investment can support their upward trajectory,” says Daniels.
“In this case, Asset Print had already made a considered and sizable investment in Xerox printers,” he says. “They were thus able to equip the new shop with both existing equipment that served as redundant backup in the CBD store, and brand new printers like the Versant 80 that will serve as their primary production machine and a key differentiator in a competitive market.”
Fortuin says the decision to base the new shop in Rondebosch is already paying dividends.
“I’d like to say that our reputation precedes us, but I admit our choice of printers and the quality we’re producing may have something to do with it,” concludes Fortuin.