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4 Strategic Benefits of Implementing a Proven Document Management Solution



Have you been thinking about implementing a document management solution for your business? Maybe you don’t realise just how much it could benefit you? Or maybe the thought of switching over to a new system feels a little overwhelming? Never fear, at Bytes Document Solutions we can assist with helping you implement cloud-based document storage, making the transition as smooth and hassle-free as possible.


Because, the reality is that using a document management system for your company has a number of important benefits, from saving you money to saving the environment.

Document management solutions

  1. Less printing costs

Unnecessary print costs are a thing of the past with cloud-based document storage. Instead of printing every important document for manual filing, files can be stored safely on a virtual server and printed only if required. In addition to the cost of printing being reduced, document management also reduces your carbon footprint by saving paper and being a ‘greener’ business solution.

  1. Greater security

Our document management solutions offer superb security. While printed documents can easily be accessed by just about anyone, cloud-based storage can only be accessed through strict security measures and passwords. Storing documents virtually also protects confidential information from being lost due to theft, fire or other damage.

  1. Improved Productivity

A huge amount of time is wasted printing, filing and doing manual admin when it is totally unnecessary. Cloud-based document storage ensures that you and your employees are not wasting time on paper based admin, and then trying to locate printed documents when you need them.

  1. Accessible from Anywhere

If you are making use of a manual storage system for your printed documents, you need to go to a specific location to access the information and/or documents in its printed form. For example, you are not in your office and are working from home. If you store important documents on a cloud-based server such as the system provided by Bytes Document Solutions, all you need is an internet connection and your computer to be able to find any document that you need.

Although cloud-based document management is the way of the future, there are times that you will need to print. Xerox office products supplied by Bytes Document Solutions are available for a variety of requirements – from desktop printers to large multi-function office printers. In addition, our services include Xerox software solutions to maintain your print software and drivers. Contact us for more information today.