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4 signs that your Xerox office product’s drivers are out-of-date – and what to do about it

4 signs that your Xerox office product's drivers are out-of-date - and what to do about itWhen you use any device in conjunction with your laptop or desktop PC – be it a camera, a mouse or one of our Xerox office products like a printer – it is essential that you also install the correct device driver.

Many people are confused by the term driver: they don’t understand what it does and why it needs to be updated. Simply put, a driver is a small application that runs software on your computer, that allows your device to communicate with your computer.

Because your computer’s operating system updates regularly, device drivers also need to be updated for them to work properly.

You should check the device drivers if you notice that:

1. Your computer will not connect to your printer or you get an error message about the device driver,

2. Your computer connects to the printer, but printing takes a long time,

3. Scanned documents are not saved or emailed properly, and/or

4. You notice other small problems on your computer, such as slowness and programme crashes.

Although out-of-date drivers are mostly the cause of problems with the devices themselves, they can begin to cause issues with your PC’s operating system if they are not sorted out.

What to do about it

You can check for updates manually through the Control Panel (Windows) or System Preferences (MacOS). It is probably best to set automatic updates on all device drivers to avoid further confusion.

If you’re at all unsure of what you are doing, call an expert. At Bytes Document Solutions, we have excellent technical support and provide a variety of Xerox software solutions to meet your requirements.

For information on our range of Xerox office products and document management solutions, contact Bytes Document Solutions for more information today.