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4 Advantages of Using Xerox Connect Key Software Solutions

Choose New or Used Xerox Parts and Get the Famous Xerox ReliabilFrom checking the weather to booking your flights, mobile applications are not only making everyday life easier, but they’re also changing the way we do business. Xerox software solutions are transforming the way you work with ConnectKey Technology: they are turning your printer into a smart workplace assistant that allows you to be more productive.

With document management solutions that allow you to communicate, connect and work from anywhere, ConnectKey has a variety of apps that keep your processes streamlined, seamless and always on.

More than just copy, scan, fax or print, ConnectKey Technology also translates, shares and creates electronic documents with just a few taps on the screen. And with cloud connectivity, it signals the end of disjointed processes and lost or misplaced information. In this article we look at some of the other advantages of using Xerox software solutions:

  1. Streamline Your Workflow

Now you can spend less time managing your hard copy documents and more time managing your business:

  • Scan and digitise your records using ConnectKey-enabled Xerox office products,
  • give more than one employee access at the same time,
  • locate and print documents from different computers or handheld devices,
  • back-up records in the cloud for disaster recovery, reducing downtime, and so much more!
  1. Print from The Cloud

Whether you’re in the office or travelling around the country, you can print from wherever you are with secure, cloud printing solutions. Not only does ConnectKey technology comply with government document security regulations, but it allows for last minute changes and complete team flexibility.

  1. Use Apps for Tasks

Streamline your processes and reduce the time spent on manual tasks, such as invoicing, that could easily be automated. ConnectKey easily integrates with custom applications and allows you to digitise documents and automate workflow, thus increasing your efficiencies and reducing costs.

  1. Create Electronic Documents

Now you can scan all your paperwork, transform it into a digital format and store those electronic documents in the cloud. These records are then easily accessible, and able to be instantly updated with new information.

With its tablet-like interface, now you can easily manage, print, scan and share documents to and from the cloud. Contact Bytes Document Solutions to find out more about Xerox office products and document management solutions and how we can help make your work life easier!